I’m a Creative Director & Designer based in New York, with an international background that will forever influence my style. I was born in Bosnia and grew up in Germany and spent my college years learning Graphic Design at Boise State University. I took a leap and moved to NYC solo in 2015 to pursue design in one of the most inspiring places I have visited. I began building a portfolio with an incredible roster of clients including advertising agencies, NYT-best-selling authors and podcast hosts, Broadway musicals, restaurants, entertainers, and much more.  

New York also taught me that at the core of being a refugee, I am a community builder at heart, and seek to create a sense of ‘home.’ Whether it be through my 500-member NYC Coworking Network series or my Creative Dinner Series with female entrepreneurs, I love hosting and bringing people together in conversation, as I believe that is the heart of innovation.

When I'm not immersed in client projects or coaching endeavors, you'll often find me exploring art galleries, honing my illustration skills in Procreate, or cheering on my favorite Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, while designing custom swag. Fun fact: my first job in NYC had a serendipitous connection to him. Additionally, I am currently expanding my toolkit by learning French and refining my boxing skills.

My favorite quote of all time is, “You are one interaction away from a totally different life.” After almost a decade in the design industry, and almost 9 years in NYC, I find gratitude and inspiration in my weekly explorations of New York, as I am inspired by the stories of everyone I meet, and look to create art out of those experiences. 

I look forward to more exciting collaborations, creative challenges, and spicy creative briefs that have me try new things, connect to new people and industries, and support female entrepreneurs in lifting their brands and voices.
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